2018 Shipping Deadline Information

For orders in the United States, delivery by Dec. 25:

☆ Mugs: Dec. 10 (to be safe! Remember, these are all custom printed just for you!)
☆ Shirts: Dec. 8

☆ Everything else: Dec. 14 by 1:00 pm (pacific time)

PLEASE NOTE: I do my best to ship your orders out as soon as possible, generally within one business day. However, I cannot control the post office or control how fast they hustle! Also note that mugs and shirts do require 3-7 business days of lead time. You're ordering from a real life person (thank you!), not a giant retailer. ♡♡♡


*Beloved international customers:

It's impossible for me to give you a date that I feel comfortable with. (There have been a number of postal strikes around the world, making it even trickier than usual to calculate a date. Customs can be unpredictable, as well.) Please, order early!