Mystery Boxes!
Mystery Boxes!
Mystery Boxes!

Mystery Boxes!

Regular price $19.00 Sale price $106.50

Mystery boxes are here! Irresistible boxes of pugalicious happiness and surprise at incredible savings can be yours! Since we can't leave our houses any more, we've got to import novelty and excitement right to our doors.

I'm going through my studio and putting together three different levels of mystery boxes for just for you!

What's inside? Well, that's a mystery, of course! But here are the kinds of things in each box:


  •  1 - 8x10 print
  •  1 - 5x7 print
  •  2 vinyl stickers

All together, this would normally cost $43.50. But your Mystery Box is only $19!



  • 2 - 8x10 prints
  • 2 - 5x7 prints
  • 3 vinyl stickers

Normal price: $83.00 - Mystery box price: $39



  • 2 - 8x10 prints
  • 3 - 5x7 
  • 4 vinyl stickers
  • 1 extra thing! (Charm, magnet, buttons or postcard set)
  • Free Shipping in the US!

Normal price: $106.50  - Mystery Box price: $59



Will there be repeats in your box? Heck no! You'll receive all different prints and stickers. Repeats are not mysterious. Or fun. 


Can I request specific things? Heck no! Because you know, MYSTERY boxes.


I'm in your Patreon. Do I get extra goodies? Heck yes! I'll tuck in a little something extra just for you. Please let me know at check out that you are a patron, though.


Wait, what's a Patreon? You can join here, my dude or lady!


But I don't want it to be all pugs! Not a question, but okay! Let me know at checkout that you'd like the All Dog Breeds package. Mystery dogs! Oooh!


Just how much coffee did you consume while writing this? SO MUCH!


Grab yours now, supplies are limited! 

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