Special Secret Reserved Listing Just for @theketomyprogress

Special Secret Reserved Listing Just for @theketomyprogress

Regular price $41.75 $0.00

Included in this listing:

1- "I Seem To Have Misplaced My Hat" original painting ($15)

1 - "Millie" original painting - ($15)

1- "Callie" - orignal mini painting - ($3)

1 - "Rainbow Terrier" - original mini painting ($3)

1- "Three of Spades" - original mini painting ($2)

+ the cost of shipping! ($3.75)



Thank you so much for participating in my studio destash sale! Please let me know if I didn't list all the paintings you wanted here. (Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle!) 

I'll send your paintings out as soon as payment is received. (Monday is a mail holiday, however...so, probably right after that!)