10 things to do with vinyl stickers

10 things to do with vinyl stickers

Vinyl stickers! I love them, you love them. But after a certain point, what do you do with all of them? Here's a few ideas, from one sticker lover to another:

1. Stickers just too precious to actually use? Create a sticker collection book. Take a small sketchbook/notebook, and add a vinyl sticker to each page. Use double sided tape on the back of the sticker if you'd like to be able to remove the sticker at a later date. You can jot down where it came from and when you received it, helping you preserve the memory behind the sticker.

2. Adorn your laptop, tablet, water bottle, sketchbook, car, etc. Pretty much anything non-porous is fair game! Don't be afraid to think outside the box. I even have some on my rice cooker.

3. Uplevel your planner or journal, and decorate it with larger stickers. Especially good on covers, or to tuck into little pockets on the inside of the cover.

4. Give them as little gifts! Or uplevel a gift by adding some stickers into the package. Or put a sticker on a package instead of/in addition to a bow.

5. Surprise and delight a stranger! Leave a sticker in a public place for someone to find. It's actually quite a thrill to do this! Excellent to do with stickers you're maybe not as fond of anymore. 

6. Bring back snail mail! Adorn your envelope or tuck them in your letter for your friend to use. This is another great way to spread a little delight.

7. Speaking of snail mail: Take a piece of regular printer paper. Fold it in half, and add a large sticker to the front. Boom, you just made an awesome card! (Works best with card stock, not regular printer paper, though.)

8. Working towards a goal? Stickers make great little rewards. Every time you hit a milestone, treat yourself to a new sticker! (You could buy them in advance and parcel them out to yourself/ the person you're trying to motivate as you go, or just buy them as it happens. It can be really motivating to know you've got a treat all ready to go, though!)

9. Put one on the back of your phone case - no more boring phone cases!

10. Put them on bins to create visual cues for organization. ("Ah yes, my dog treats are in the Sprinkle Happiness bin...")


Now that you've got all these ideas, you probably need more stickers, right? Can I interest you in the most fun pug stickers around?

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