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Hello, I'm Claire Chambers. I run the Chickenpants Studio, which is found in the Sonoran Desert. I am utterly obsessed with drawing pugs and making things.

I'm a self taught artist who works in watercolor, gouache and digital media. The main subject of most of my paintings are pugs and other brachycephalic (flat faced) dogs.


My work has been featured in many places.


Chickenpants Studio is named after the Chickenpants art dolls I used to make. They are one of a kind plush chicken toys, often wearing pop icon costumes. At the time of writing this (October 2020), there were 691 (regular, 7″ size) Chickenpants made. I've been making them since 2007. (I'm not focusing on making them at this time, but you never know when they'll pop back up!)


You can reach me by email:

claire at chickenpants.com