Unboxing a Yellow Paper House Junque Journal

Unboxing a Yellow Paper House Junque Journal


I recently purchased (with my own money - this is NOT sponsored in any way!) a Yellow Paper House Junque Journal. This is actually my third Junque Journal from them! I just love them so much. You can see a whole unboxing and flip through in the short video above.

It’s full of colorful pages of all sorts - blank, patterned, light weight, heavy weight, you name it. The surprise and variations make it so fun to use! The cover is a very sturdy thick cardboard - just waiting to be painted / collaged / stickered all over.

Working in the Junque Journal is a very special treat! I’ve used them in the past as multimedia sketchbooks that lean heavily towards art journals. They can really do whatever you want them to. They’re extremely versatile.

I can’t wait to get started on this one!

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